Qinhuai River


The Qinhuai River (秦淮河) is the biggest river in Nanjing. It's also the birthplace of the age-old Nanjing culture.

As such, it's called "Nanjing's mother river". It is the "life blood" of the city. Qinhuai River is so fascinating that it captures the imaginations of people both at home and abroad. The Qinhuai River is divided into inner and outer rivers.

Today, the scenic belt along the Qinhuai River develops with the Confucius Temple at the center and the river serving as a bond. The belt featuring attractions like Zhanyuan Garden, the Confucius Temple, Egret Islet, China Gate as well as the sailing boats in the river and pavilions and towers on the riverbanks is a perfect blend of historic sites, gardens, barges, streets, pavilions, towers and folk culture and customs, having great charm and flavor.

This place is very popular with the locals and many see or buy their items here, or they just hang out around the area. Many foreigners find it a good place to taste the local cuisine. The many snack stalls dotted within the area offer a range of food: (baozi) steamed buns-stuffed with pork, and other delicate fillings, Bawei Dawei Doufunao (eight-flavored jellied bean curd pastries) roasted beef, salty duck, animal stomach, chicken feet (phoenix feet) and much more.

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Qinhuai River Nanjing, China

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